Enjoy nature, become an artist


An artists residence in the middle of the forest in Girona, Spain

Art restoration studio
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Our in house restorer, Mar Cristina is the chief director of the artists studio and a proffessional restorer, working in France, Spain and Belgium.

Work at your own pace

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Our residence for artists include a large area for performance or plastic arts creation, we can accomodate up to six people in four different areas, and offer other options within the local business.


Our rooms include a loft appartment with kitchen and bathroom for six.

Schedule at your pace

Send us your timing needs, we are open all year round and adapt to your needs.

Practice anything

Our premises allow you to perform any artistic technique.

Coach session for beginners

If you need help to start your practic we can offer several coaches in artistic practices.

Supportive community

In house studio artists include Tacha Solarat and Mar Cristina.

Online contact

Before taking a decision we can show you the area by video conference.

If you need a quiet place to write, study, compose or rehearsal we have different options for you and your team.

Music rehearsal

Yoya or performing arts

Renting studio

Meet our team

Let us grow together

A group of art performers are available for training on different areas of expertise. From pastel to water colour, restoration or acrylic paiting, our experts are available for teaching purposes or exchanging advise.